Friday, June 27, 2008

Cincinnati Arrow 1250 C Vertical Machining Center

USED Cincinnati Arrow 1250C, New 2001


X-Axis Travel 50”

Y-Axis Travel 30”

Z-Axis Travel 22”

Taper 40

Table Size 44" x 20"

Spindle Motor 22HP

Spindle Speed 12,000 RPM

Tool Changer 21 APC

Equipped With Acramatic 2100 CNC Control

Through Spindle Coolant

Toolsetting Probe

Rigid Tapping

All Available Tooling

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Studer S30 Universal CNC Grinder

Studer S30 Universal Grinder W/ Fanuc 16T control, New 1997


Center Height 6.875"

Center Distance 40"

Longitudinal Travel 41.4"

Cross Slide Travel 10.8""

Spindle Dia. 3.94"

B-Axis 1 Deg

Motor 10 HP

Weight Between Centers 287 lbs

Weight of Machine 11,220 lbs

Equipped With Fanuc 16T Control

Universal Wheel Head L/R W/ ID

Rotary Disk Dresser

20, 30, 40K RPM ID Spindles

Magnetic Chuck, 4 Jaw Chuck

50 Taper Workhead


Paper Band Filtration

Used Studer

Friday, June 20, 2008

Used Schneeberger Gemini Tool Cutter Grinder

Schneeberger Gemini Tool & Cutter Grinder

USED Schneeberger Gemini Tool & Cutter Grinder 2004 W/ Fanuc IT3 Software

X-Axis 15"

Y-Axis 12"

Z-Axis 11"

A-Axis Grinding Head 50 Taper

Unlimited Rotation

C-Axis Swivel 210 Degree

Programmable Index Resolution .0001 Degree

Grinding Head Double Spindle

Up to 6 Grinding Wheels

500-10,000 RPM

2-4 Coolant Valves

Wheel Dia. up to 10.2"

Motor 20 HP

Equipped With Fanuc IT3 Control

A-Axis for Spin Grinding up to 600RPM

Glass Scales

Fire Extinguishing System

Mist Collector

2 Wheel Hubs

Standard Software Packages

Run Only 2000 Hours

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Used Hitachi Seiki 40S Turning Center

Hitachi Seiki HT40S Turning Center

USED Hitachi Seiki HT40S New 1989

Chuck Diameter 18"
Maximum Swing 27.6"
Max. Mach. Diameter 15"
Bar Capacity 5.4"
Between Centers 43"
Hole Through Spindle 6"
Spindle Speed Range 30 - 3,000 RPM
Spindle Drive Motor 30 HP
X Axis Travel 13"
Z Axis Travel 44"
Tool Positions 10 KV Turret

Equipped with:
18" Chuck
Chip Conveyor
All available tooling

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Used Studer S31 Universal CNC Grinder

USED Studer S31 Universal Grinder W/ Fanuc 16G control, New 2003


Center Height 6.9"
Center Distance 25.6"
Longitudinal Travel 31.5"
Cross Slide Travel 10.8""
Spindle Dia. 3.94"
B-Axis Full
Motor 10 HP
Wheel Size L/R 20"x2.5"x8"
Weight Between Centers 176 lbs
Weight of Machine 11,220 lbs

Equipped With:
Fanuc 16G Control
Universal Wheel Head L/R W/ ID
Length Position Probe
Paper Band Filtration

Used Star SR-16 Swiss Lathe

USED Star SR-16 New 1996


Control Fanuc 16-TTA
Max. Turning Diameter 16 mm (5/8")
Max Head Stock Stroke 205 mm (8")
Max Drilling Capacity - Stationary 8 mm (5/16")
Max Drilling Capacity - Power Driven 5 mm (3/16")
Max Tapping Capacity - Stationary M8 x P1.25
Max Tapping Capacity - Power Driven M5 x PO.8
Max Milling Capacity 10 mm (3/8")
Max Die Cutting Capacity M8 x P1.25
Max Slotting Capacity 1.5 mm x 4 mm
Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM
Spindle Bore 20 mm (49/64")
Spindle Indexing 15 Degrees
Sub-Spindle Diameter 16 mm (5/8")
Max Part Length for Front Ejection 80 mm (2-1/8")
Max Parts Projection Length 30 mm (1-5/32")
Sub-Spindle Speeds 400 - 6,000 RPM
Number Of Turning Tools 6
Number Of Power Driven Tools 3
Power Driven Spindle Speed 350-5,000 RPM
Tool Shank Size 12 x 95-120 / 12.7x 95-120
Coolant Tank Capacity 100 L (26.4 Gallons)

Equipped With:
Fanuc 16-TTA Control
Parts Conveyor
Cut Off Detector
LNS Barfeed 3-Tube Model 3.26HS-4.8
All Available Parts and Manuals

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tru-Tech 8X20 OD CNC Grinder

USED Tru-Tech 8x20 OD Grinder, New 2006


Swing Over Table 8"
Center Distance 20"
Manual Infeed Travel 5.5"
Grinding Wheel OD 14"
Wheel Spindle Motor 5 HP Variable
Workhead Motor 1/4 HP
Weight of Machine 3,500 lbs

Equipped With
XPRO Pentium IV Computer w/ Flat Screen Color Monitor
Multiple Diamond and CBN Wheel Dressing Capabilities
5" 6 Jaw Chuck
3" Thru Feed Package For Centerless Grinding

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Buy/Sell Your Used CNC Machine Tools

Let Us But Your Surplus CNC Machinery

We are always looking to purchase your used machinery. If a machine is currently surplus to your needs please let us know. We invite you to take advantage of our brokerage service. We will market your equipment via our printed advertising as well as our newly enhanced website.

We consider our customer base the most valued part of our business and look forward to establishing a trusted relationship with you in the future. If we can be of service please call 440-546-1077 or visit us on the web at Thank You


JS Peters Machinery Sales Inc.

Used Tripet TST 100 ID CNC Grinder

USED Tripet TST 100 ID Grinder, New 1993


Grinding Dia. Range
0,5-50 mm
Grinding Length
100 mm
Height of Centres
102 mm
Axial Movement:
Z axis Travel
350 mm
0-9 m/min
Workhead Swivelling:
B Axis (Manual)
Swivel Angle
+60/-30 Degrees
Axial Displacement
150 mm
Spindle Bore
Internal Taper
Max Spindle Loading
25 kg
Max Roundness error
0,0005 mm
Spindle Speed Range
45-1600 RPM
Drive Motor
0,75 kw
U Axis Travel
100 mm
X Axis Travel
50 mm
Standard Wheel Spindle:
Fischer HJN 1028
Spindle Diameter
100 mm
Max Speed
28,000 rpm
Drive Motor
3 kw
Speed Range
2000 - 6000 rpm

Equipped With:
Telemechanique Num1060 CNC Control
28,000 & 50,000 RPM Spindles
Paper Filter Coolant System
Auto Lubrication System
Multiple Manuals

Used Walter Power 500 CNC Tool Cutter Grinder

USED Walter Power CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder w/ HMC Power 500 CNC Control, 1998


X-Axis 18.5"
Y-Axis 12.5"
Z-Axis 26"
Resolution 000,004"
Traverse Speed 15 m/min


A-Axis Spindle ISO 50
Rotation 360 Deg
Resolution .000,1 Deg
Max Tool Diameter 12.5"
Max Workpiece Weight 50 kg
Max Workpiece Length 13.79"
C-Axis Rotary Table +- 200 Grad
Resolution .0001 Deg
Spindle Diameter 3.15"
Grinding Wheel Diameter 7.88"
Main Spindle Motor 24 HP
Variable Speed

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Used Walter Power 400 Tool Cutter Grinder

Walter Power CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder w/ HMC 400 CNC Control, 1995
X-Axis 16"
Y-Axis 9.8"
Z-Axis 22.75"
Resolution 000,004"
Traverse Speed 0-800"/MIN


A-Axis Spindle ISO 50
Rotation 360 Deg
Resolution .000,1 Deg
Workhead RPM 100 RPM
Max Tool Diameter 10.25"
Rotary Table
C-Axis Rotary Table 6.889"
Travel (Rotation From Center) +200 Deg/ -200 Deg
Resolution .0001 Deg
Traverse Speed 120 Deg/Sec

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Used Studer S40 Universal Cylidrical Grinder

Studer S40 Universal Grinder

USED Studer S40 Universal Grinder W/ Fanuc 16 control, New 1996

Center Height 6.875"

Center Distance 40"

Grinding Length 29.5"

B-Axis 5 deg

Cross Slide Travel 10.8""

Wheel Size Right 20" x 2.5" x 8"

Motor 10 HP

Weight Between Centers 287 lbs

Weight of Machine 11,220 lbs

Equipped With:

Fanuc 16 Control
Aereology System
Barnes Magnetic & Paper Filtration System
Universal Wheel Head
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