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Used Studer S30 - 3 Wheel Configuration - 2001

USED Studer S30 Universal Grinder W/ Fanuc 16T control - Three Wheel Configuration, New 2001


Center Height 6.875"

Center Distance 40"

Longitudinal Travel 41.4"

Cross Slide Travel 10.8""

Spindle Dia. 3.94"

B-Axis 1 Deg

Motor 10 HP

Weight Between Centers 287 lbs

Weight of Machine 11,220 lbs

Equipped With Fanuc 16T Control

Universal Wheel Head L/R W/ ID

Length Position Probe

Magnetic Chuck

Movamatic gauging

Paper Band Filtration

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Used Studer S33 CNC Cylindrical Grinder

USED Studer S33 CNC Grinder New 2005


Center Height 6.9"

Center Distance 39.4"

Longitudinal Travel 45.3"

Cross Slide Travel 11.2"

Wheel Size Right 20" x 2.5" x 8"

Wheelhead Configuration 0 deg/30 deg

Wheelhead Power 10HP

Workhead Speed 1-1500 RPM

Workhead Taper Morse 5

Weight Between Centers 176 lbs

Equipped With Fanuc 21i-TB Control

Length Position Probe

Paperband Filtration

Used Walter Power 600 CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder

USED Walter Power CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder w/ HMC Power 600 CNC Control & ECO Loader 2007

X-Axis 18.5"

Y-Axis 12.5"

Z-Axis 26"

Resolution 000,004"

Traverse Speed 15 m/min


A-Axis Spindle ISO 50

Rotation 360 Deg

Resolution .000,1 Deg

Max Tool Diameter 12.5"

Max Workpiece Weight 50 kg

Max Workpiece Length 13.79"

C-Axis Rotary Table +- 200 Grad

Resolution .0001 Deg

Spindle Diameter 3.15"

Grinding Wheel Diameter 7.88"

Main Spindle Motor 24 HP

Variable Speed

Equipped With: ECO Loader, 20 Tool Cap.

24 HP Grinding Spindle

Fire Support System

Coolant System 200PSI

Dome Cartridge Filtration

Mist Collector

Software Packages:

Heli-Flute, Heli-Drill

Tool Studio Simulation

Cyber Grinding


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