Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Okuma LB35 CNC Turning Center

Okuma LB35 CNC Turning Center

Creating large parts such as the threaded pipes and long shafts required by the oil and agriculture industries demands a lathe that is built to not only accommodate massive material but also to handle it with precision. The LBII series does just that. With Okuma's strong base casting at the foundation, the LB35II and LB45II boast some of the longest available beds, allowing for large diameter machining in a variety of bore sizes. What it gains in size it never loses in power. The LBII Series maintains Okuma standards for optimum torque and precision regardless of machine dimension. Fast motion from end to end ensures accuracy while a low RPM extends the machine’s life and finishing capabilities. With powerful, robust ball screws the LBII series is able to generate slideway movement to both axes, increasing both cutting speed and feed rates.

Max Turning Diametermm (in)Ø 490 (19.29), {Ø 460 (18.11)}
Spindle Nose Type
SB: A2-8, BB: A2-11, SBB: A2-15
Speed Rangemin-114-219-3,200 (2+2), 12-187-2,800 (2+2), 40-335-1,400 (2)
Standard PowerkW (hp)30 / 22 (40 / 30)
Rapid Traversem/min ipm15 / 20 (591 / 787) {C: 100 rpm}

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