Friday, May 21, 2010

Used Hitachi Seiki HC400 Horizontal Machining Center

Used Hitachi Seiki HC400 Horizontal Machining Center

USED Hitachi Seiki HC 400 w/ Fanuc 11M Control, New 1987
X-Axis Travel 20"
Y-Axis Travel 18"”
Z-Axis Travel 18"
Spindle Speed 60-6000 RPM
Pallet Size 16" x 16"
Number of Tools 20 ATC
Indexing 1 degree
Taper 40

Used horizontal machining center

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Used Landis 4R Roll Grinder - cylindrical CNC

Used Landis 4R Roll Grinder - Cylindrical Grinding


Retrofit in 2001 to a GE-Fanuc 18iT Control

Center Height 7"

Swing Over Table 14.5"

Center Distance 96"

Max. Diameter Wheel 30"

Traverse Speed 2 to 144 (Inches per min)

Wheel Spindle Speed 800/964 rpm

Wheel Infeed Max. 10-24"

Main Motor 24 HP

Swivel Table Graduated 2.75 "inches per foot"

Swivel Table Degree 12 deg.

Weight 18,100 lbs

Equipped With Fanuc 18iT Control

Barnes Paperband/ Magnetic Filtration System

Template Dressing behind Wheel

Automatic Gauging System

Hydraulic Tailstock

All Available tooling and manuals

Used CNC Grinding

Used Landis Grinding

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Okuma MA-60HB Horizontal Machining Center

USED Okuma MA-60HB Horizontal Machining Center
Year 2001
X-Axis Travel 39.4"
Y-Axis Travel 31.5"
Z-Axis Travel 31.9"
C-Axis Travel Full 4th Axis
Taper 50
Table Size 24.8" x 24.8"
Spindle Motor 40 HP
Spindle Speed 10,000 rpm
Tool Changer 60 Tools
Equipped With Chip Conveyor
Full 4th Axis
Spindle Chiller
Thru Spindle Coolant
OSPU100M Control
All Available Tooling and Manuals

Used Okuma Machinery
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Used Studer 650 CNC Cylindrical Grinder

Used Studer ECO 650 CNC Cylindrical Grinder

USED Studer ECO 650 CNC
Grinder New 2001

Center Height 6.9"

Center Distance 25.6"

Longitudinal Travel 31.5"

Cross Slide Travel 11.2"

Wheel Size 20"x2.5"x8"

0 or 30 Degree

Wheelhead Power 10 HP

Workhead Speed 1000

Workhead Taper Morse 5

Weight Between
176 lbs

Equipped With Fanuc 21i-TB Control

Length Position

Paperband Filtration

Used Studer Grinders

Used studer Machine Tools

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Used Hitachi Seiki HG500 Horizontal Machining Center

Used Hitachi Seiki HG500 Horizontal Machining Center

USED Hitachi Seiki HG500 II Horizontal Machining Center, 1999
X-Axis Travel 28"
Y-Axis Travel 27"
Z-Axis Travel 24"
C-Axis Travel Full
Taper NT50
Table Size 20"x20" (2)
Spindle Motor 25 HP
Spindle Speed 4,500 RPM
Tool Changer 90 Tols
Max Table Load 1760 lbs
Equipped With Chip Conveyor
High Pressure Coolant
All Available Tooling and Manuals

Used Hitachi HG500
Used CNC Machining centers

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Used Kellenberger Kel-Varia UR175/1000 CNC Grinder

USED Kellenberger UR
175/1000 CNC, W/
Kelco 90 control,
New 1997
Wheel Size 1-16" OD Wheel
1-16" OD Wheel
ID Spindles 30,000 RPM
Between Centers 39.97"
Height of Centers 6.88"
Swing Over Table 13.74"
Z-Axis Travel 43.89"
B-Axis Full
Feed Rates 0.1-99.9 mm/s-1
Table Feed 1-9999 mm/min-1
Power of Motor 4.4
Tailstock Taper of
Quill Retraction .16"
Equipped with:
All available
Tooling and Manuals
Table & Workhead
Paper Band Filter

Used Cylindrical CNC Grinders

Used ANCA MGX Tool & Cutter Grinder

Tool & Cutter
Grinderw/ Loader


Longitudinal Travel 11.8"
Cross Travel 9.8"
Vertical Travel 7.8"
C-Axis .001 deg
A-Axis .001 deg

A-Axis Spindle ISO 30

Max Workpiece Length 11.79"

Main Spindle Motor 11 HP

Spindle Speed 10,000 rpm

Wheel dimentions 6" OD 1.24: ID

Equipped With: ANCA Loading System

ANCA 3DX Control

Dome Filtration

Fire Support System

Used tool & Cutter Grinders

Used Hitachi Seiki 40G Turning Center

USED Hitashi Seiki 40G Turning Center

New 1998
Max Turning Length 43.3"
Max Machining Dia. 24.4"
Max Swing 39.4"
Bar Capacity 4"
Spindle Bore 4.7"

Spindle Speed 2000 RPM

X-Axis Travel 13.5"

Z-Axis Travel 44"
Motor 30 HP
ATC Tool Capacity 12
Equipped with: Seicos Multi Control
15" 3-Jaw Chuck
Chip Conveyor
All Available tooling and manuals

Used Hitachi Turning Centers
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