Thursday, May 20, 2010

Used Landis 4R Roll Grinder - cylindrical CNC

Used Landis 4R Roll Grinder - Cylindrical Grinding


Retrofit in 2001 to a GE-Fanuc 18iT Control

Center Height 7"

Swing Over Table 14.5"

Center Distance 96"

Max. Diameter Wheel 30"

Traverse Speed 2 to 144 (Inches per min)

Wheel Spindle Speed 800/964 rpm

Wheel Infeed Max. 10-24"

Main Motor 24 HP

Swivel Table Graduated 2.75 "inches per foot"

Swivel Table Degree 12 deg.

Weight 18,100 lbs

Equipped With Fanuc 18iT Control

Barnes Paperband/ Magnetic Filtration System

Template Dressing behind Wheel

Automatic Gauging System

Hydraulic Tailstock

All Available tooling and manuals

Used CNC Grinding

Used Landis Grinding


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