Thursday, October 6, 2011

used Mori Sieki Mv80B CNC Vertical Machining Center

USED Mori Seiki MV 80B w/ Fanuc MF-M5 CNC Control, New 1996
Control: Fanuc MF-M5
Table Size 30" x 80"

Vertical Travel 30"
Automatic Tool Changer 80 Tools
Taper 50
Equipped With: Spindle Chiller
2 Pallet Changer
2 Chip Conveyors

For additional info: Used Mori MV 80B Vertical Machining Center

USED Danobat MC1-800-CF Creep Feed Profile Grinder

USED Danobat MC1-800-CF Creep Feed Profile Grinder
Year 2002

Table Size 31.5" x 23.62"
X-Axis Travel 31.5"
Y-Axis Travel 18.5"
Z-Axis Travel 19.68"
Wheel Size 19.68" x 8.74" Max.
Wheel Speed 1000 - 5000 RPM
Equipped With Fanuc 160 CNC Control
Heidenhain Scales
Hydroflow Filtration System

For Additional Info:
Used CNC Grinders

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Used Okamoto IGM Internal Grinder

USED Okamoto IGM-15 CNC Grinder

Swing 24″
Grinding Bore .24″-6″
Stroke 5″
Z-Axis Travel 20″
X-Axis Travel 6.7″
Workhead Swivel -5 to +15 degree
Spindle RPM 20,000 rpm

Equipped With Rotary Disc Dresser
Fanuc 18T Control
8″ Magnetic Chuck
Magnetic Separator

For Additional Info: Used Cylindrical Grinding

Monday, August 8, 2011

Used Shigiya GAC CNC Angle Grinder

USED Shigiya GAC-30.40 CNC Angle Grinder
Year 1994
Control Fanuc 18T

Center Distance 15.75"
Grinding Lenght 9.84"
Grinding Dia 11.81"
Max Weight 330 lbs
Power 20 HP
Taper MT#4
Wheel Angle 30 Deg
Wheel Size 20"x1.97"
Equipped With Magnetic Separator
All Available manuals, tooling, and software

For Additional Info: Used Grinder

Used Kellenberger Kelvision URS CNC Grinder

Kellenberger Kelvision URS CNC Grinder

USED Kellenberger Kelvision URS 125/430 CNC Grinder
Year 2002
Control Fanuc 18 TB
Grinding Length 16.9"

Center Distance 29.9"
Center Height 4.92"
Max Weight 220 lbs
Z-Axis Travel 5.59"
X-Axis Travel 12.59"
B-Axis Travel Manual every 2.5 degree
ID Spindle Speed 28,000 RPM
Wheel Size 16"x2.5"x5"
Equipped With ID Attachment
Paperband Filtration
Length Position Probe
Wheel Dressing for OD and ID
All Available manuals, tooling, and software
Prepped for Gauge Unit

For Addition Information: Used Kellenberger Grinder

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Used Okuma GU-24S CNC Grinder

USED Okuma GU-24S Universal Grinder
Swing 9.06″
Center Distance 9.84″
Max Weight 55 lbs
Wheel Spindle Speed 2120, 2420 RPM
B axis Swivel 0 to 90 deg.
Table Swivel +8.5/-0.5
Grinding Wheel Size 16″x2″x5″
Drive Motor 12.5″
Taper in Tailstock MT #4

Equipped With Swing Down ID Attachment
OSP-500 G-G Control
Filtration System
Hydraulic Chuck
4-Jaw Chuck

Used Okuma Grinders

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Used DMG DMC 70V Deckel Maho Machining Center

Used Vertical Machining Centers

USED DMG DMC 70V hi-dyn Vertical Machining Center, New 2001

X-Axis Travel 27.5"
Y-Axis Travel 21.6"
Z-Axis Travel 19.7"

Spindle Taper CAT 40

Spindle Speed 30,000

ATC 60 Tools

Equipped With: Lehman Full 4th Axis
2 Pallet Changer
Heidenhein TNC 430 Control
Glass Scales
Blum Laser Tool Measuring
Heidenhein Probe
580 PSI Thru Spindle coolant

160 Gallon Coolant Tank
Paper band Filter
Spindle Chiller

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Used Okuma Crown L1060 Turning Center

USED Okuma Crown L1060 CNC Turning Center, New 1999

Swing over bed 21.6"
Swing over Cross Slide 15.75"
Turning Dia. 10.6"

X Axis Travel 7.3"

Z Axis Travel 20.47"

Spindle Nose A2-6

Spindle Bore 2.2"

Spindle Speed 4,200 rpm
Motor 15 HP
Turret Stations 12
Equipped With OSP 700L Control
Parts Catcher
Chip conveyor
all available tooling and manuals

Used Turning Centers

Used CNC Machinery

Monday, June 13, 2011

used okuma LT15-MY CNC Turning Center

USED Okuma LT15-MY CNC Turning Center, New 2003

A Axis Travel 18.11"
B Axis Travel 35.43"
C Axis Travel 18.11"

Y Axis Travel 2.76" + 1.97"

C Axis - Both Spindles .001 deg

X Axis Upper Turret 9.65"

X Axis Lower Turret 9.06"

Swing over bed 21.65"
Between Centers 46.65"
Spindle Bore 2.44"
Spindle Speed 4500 rpm
Motor 20/15 HP
Number of Tools 12 (all live) on each Turret

Equipped With OSP E100L Control
(2) 10" Chucks
Parts Catcher
Chip conveyor
all available tooling and manuals

Okuma LT15MY

Used CNC Turning Centers

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kellenberger CNC cylindrical Grinder - Used Kel-Vista

USED Kellenberger Kel-Vista CNC Grinder New 2010
CNC Control Fanuc 21i TB
Center Height 7"

Center Distance 39.4"
Swing Over Table 14"
Wheel Surface Speed 8,500 sfpm
Weight Between Centers 22 lbs
Traverse Speed 6 m/min
Equipped With Length Position Probe
In-Process Gauging
Paper Band Filtration System

Used CNC Grinder

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Okuma LB45 used cncTurning Center

USED Okuma LB45IIx2000 CNC Turning Center, New 1995

X Axis Travel 17.32″
Z Axis Travel 81.10″
Swing 37.77″
Between Centers 78.74″
Max Turning Dia 25.98″
Spindle Bore 4.33″
Spindle Speed 2,800 RPM
Motor 40 HP
Number of Tools 12

Equipped With OSP 5020L Control
Automatic Tailstock
18″ Chuck
Chip conveyor
all available tooling and manuals

Used Okuma LB45

Used Machine Tools

Monday, April 4, 2011

USED Anca TG7 Tool and Cutter Grinder Machine

USED Anca TG7 Tool & Cutter Grinder, 1994
Totally Reconditioned 2007
New Software Update

Longitudinal axis travel 13.228"
Cross travel 9.567"
Vertical travel 8.189"
O D wheel range .079" min. 6" max.
Overall grinding length 13"
Overall grinding width .236"
Wheel dimensions 5" OD 1.250 ID

Wheelhead motor 10 hp

Wheelhead speed 10,000 rpm

Wheelhead angle 0 - 270,000 degrees

Machine weight 7716 lbs

Equipped With: Loaded with software

Upgraded Probing System

Anca TG7 Grinder

Used Machine Tools

Thursday, March 31, 2011

used Kitamura Mycenter 4 vertical machining center

USED Kitamura Mycenter 4 Vertical Machining Center, New 1998

X Axis Travel 36.2″
Y Axis Travel 20.1″
Z Axis Travel 20.1″
Table Size 20.5″ x 43.3″
Spindle Speed 8,000 RPM
Number of Tools 30
Spindle Taper BT-40

Equipped With 4th axis table
Chip conveyor
all available tooling and manuals

Used Vertical Machining Centers

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Monday, March 14, 2011

used fadal vertical machining centers

Fadal manufactures a comprehensive line of vertical machining centers. We supply all types of used Fadal VMC's including:

used fadal Used Fadal
vertical machining center

vertical machining center

Used Fadal remanufactured VMC
VMC Fadal heavy-duty VMC

Fadal Vertical Machining Center

Used Machine Tools

Used Toyoda Machine Tools - Buy and Sell

Toyoda is a major manufacturer of CNC horizontal machining centers and general purpose and production grinders. We supply all types of used Toyoda equipment including:

used toyoda Used TOYODA
used toyoda Horizontal Machining Center Used TOYODA CNC Horizontal machining center
cylidrical grinder Used TOYODA CNC cylindrical grinder
used toyoda Vertical Machining Center Used TOYODA Vertical Machining Center
Our approach to used Toyoda machine tools is unique in that we provide applications and process solutions rather than just used CNC machinery. Our customers rely on us for applications engineering. We assist our customers in defining the process and the right used machine tool for their specific application.

Used Toyoda Machine Tools
Used CNC Machinery

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saacke Tool Cutter Grinder and grining machine

Saacke UW Tool and Cutter CNC Grinder

Max. diameter 9.84″
Max. cutting edge length 16.92″
Centre height 7.67″
X-axis 24.6″
Feed rate 0 – 15 m/min
Z-axis 12″
Feed rate 0 – 15 m/min
Y-axis 12″
Feed rate 0 – 15 m/min
B-axis Swivel 240 deg
Grinding spindle speed 2,000 – 10,000 rpm
Grinding wheel diameter 5.9″
Work spindle taper ISO 50
Through bore capacity 1.1″
Bore capacity by automatical clamping .8″
Max. rpm of work spindle 600 rmp

Equipped With NUM 1050 M with PC
Automatic Grinding Wheel Changer
Tool Loader

Saacke Tool Cutter Grinders

Used Machine Tools

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sell CNC Machinery – Tuning – Machining Center Machine Tools

We are always looking to purchase your used machinery. If a machine is currently surplus to your needs please let us know. We invite you to take advantage of our brokerage service. We will market your equipment via our printed advertising as well as our newly enhanced website.

We consider our customer base the most valued part of our business and look forward to establishing a trusted relationship with you in the future. If we can be of service please call 440-546-1077 or visit us by clicking the link below.

Sell CNC Machinery

Monday, February 28, 2011

USED Doebeli FSM 150 CNC Profile Grinding Center

USED Doebeli FSM 150 Profile Grinding Center, 1998

Fanuc 18M
Field of view
300 x 200 mm

10X 20X 50X

12V 100W
Tank Capacity
Coolant Unit
80 L
Grinding Head
+- 30 deg.

- 15 deg
Grinding Stroke
78 mm

0-280 strokes/min.

Spindle Motor
1 HP

Spindle speed
4,000 rpm
Grinding Spindle
Grinding wheel diameter
150 mm
Travel Range
Profile width, CNC-axis
X 120 mm

Profile depth, CNC-axis
Y 50 mm

Linear axis
0.0001 mm
Working Table
Height adjustment
80 mm

Travel in X-direction
95 mm

Travel in Y-direction
Work Range
Max. profile height
70 mm

Max. workpiece height
150 mm

Max. workpiece diameter
200 mm

Used Grinding machines

Thursday, February 24, 2011

USED Schneeberger Gemini Tool and Cutter Grinder

USED Schneeberger Gemini Tool and Cutter Grinder, 1997

X-Axis 15″
Y-Axis 12″
Z-Axis 11″
A-Axis Grinding Head 50 Taper
Unlimited Rotation
C-Axis Swivel 210 Degree
Programmable Index Resolution .0001 Degree
Grinding Head Double Spindle
Up to 6 Grinding Wheels
500-10,000 RPM
2-4 Coolant Valves
Wheel Dia. up to 10.2″

Used Schneeberger gemini Tool Cutter Grinder

Used Machine Tools

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Used Toyoda Select G 100 Universal CNC Grinder

USED Toyoda Select G 100 Universal CNC Grinder New 2004Specifications:

Center Height

Center Distance

Swing Over Table

Wheel Surface Speed
8,500 sfpm

Wheel Size Right
20″ x 2.5″ x 8″

Wheelhead Configuration
0 deg/30 deg – Swing down ID

Equipped With
Swing Down ID Attachment
GC32 Control
Filtration System
Magnetic Chuck
4-Jaw Chuck

Used Toyoda Grinder

Used Machine Tools

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