Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Used DMG DMC 70V Deckel Maho Machining Center

Used Vertical Machining Centers

USED DMG DMC 70V hi-dyn Vertical Machining Center, New 2001

X-Axis Travel 27.5"
Y-Axis Travel 21.6"
Z-Axis Travel 19.7"

Spindle Taper CAT 40

Spindle Speed 30,000

ATC 60 Tools

Equipped With: Lehman Full 4th Axis
2 Pallet Changer
Heidenhein TNC 430 Control
Glass Scales
Blum Laser Tool Measuring
Heidenhein Probe
580 PSI Thru Spindle coolant

160 Gallon Coolant Tank
Paper band Filter
Spindle Chiller

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Used Okuma Crown L1060 Turning Center

USED Okuma Crown L1060 CNC Turning Center, New 1999

Swing over bed 21.6"
Swing over Cross Slide 15.75"
Turning Dia. 10.6"

X Axis Travel 7.3"

Z Axis Travel 20.47"

Spindle Nose A2-6

Spindle Bore 2.2"

Spindle Speed 4,200 rpm
Motor 15 HP
Turret Stations 12
Equipped With OSP 700L Control
Parts Catcher
Chip conveyor
all available tooling and manuals

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Monday, June 13, 2011

used okuma LT15-MY CNC Turning Center

USED Okuma LT15-MY CNC Turning Center, New 2003

A Axis Travel 18.11"
B Axis Travel 35.43"
C Axis Travel 18.11"

Y Axis Travel 2.76" + 1.97"

C Axis - Both Spindles .001 deg

X Axis Upper Turret 9.65"

X Axis Lower Turret 9.06"

Swing over bed 21.65"
Between Centers 46.65"
Spindle Bore 2.44"
Spindle Speed 4500 rpm
Motor 20/15 HP
Number of Tools 12 (all live) on each Turret

Equipped With OSP E100L Control
(2) 10" Chucks
Parts Catcher
Chip conveyor
all available tooling and manuals

Okuma LT15MY

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