Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Used Wendt WAC 715 Insert Grinder

USED Wendt WAC 715 Centro Insert Grinder, 2008
Equipped With:
5 interpolating CNC axes and 2 additional axes provide the necessary tool-making versatility
* Robotic Pallet Loading System for 4 pallets
* Kompensa 3D Measuring System
* Autocenter Centering System
* Fluid Master Cartridge Filter Coolant System
* Ebbco Chilling Unit
* Gripper Heads VP and FP-M
* Multiple Sets of Pallet Adapter Segments
* Standard Prism Block
* A-Axis with 360 degree Swing Range
* Extended Round Table Swivel up to -105 degree
* Hydrostatic Bearings on X,W Axis
*400 mm Wheel Diameter
* Quick Change System For Grinding Wheels and Dressing Wheel
* Flexible Gripper System for Workpieces Positioned Horizontally or Vertically
* 3D Real Time Simulation

More Info: Wendt Insert Grinder
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